Lær dyrenes symbolik at kende: Grævlingen

The Badger

Fra: Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals af Melissa Alvarez

‘Element: Earth / Primary Color: Black, Grey, White

Badger symbolizes a fearless, persistent, and fierce nature. Badger is independent, self-reliant, and, prefers to be left alone. It doesn’t hesitate in its actions if confronted. Badger means ‘to never give up’.

Decide what you want and go for it without delay, pursuing it until the goal is accomplished. Be persistent and fierce in your drive to obtain what you want. This isn’t a time to be soft, complacent, or let others fight your battles for you. Be firm, direct, and strong while standing on your own two feet.

Badger encourages you to fight for what you desire through courageous determination. You have excellent communication skills, so use your words; they hold great power.

This not only applies to goals you’ve set for yourself but in defending those you believe in who may have been wronged and the ideals and principles you hold as your own truth. Be firm in your communication with others so there is no doubt of what you want. Better yet ask for it!

Badger warns against eating too much unhealthy food, especially sweets, and now is a good time to monitor your diet and exercise.’

Lær dyrenes symbolik at kende. En grævling i et dybt hul.

Tak til Grævling for at give mig disse tegn. Ordene fra bogen her ovenover giver så god mening i forhold til, hvor jeg er lige nu i mit liv. Og den sidste sætning omkring motion og kost passer skræmmende godt her 1. januar …

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